Ghosted from the Past

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
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Have you ever had a relationship with someone where everything seemed to be going good, but one day, he or she stopped talking to you completely? This is a situation that most people don't want to be in. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens, and the people that it happens to are left wondering why it happened. If this has happened to you, there might be a few explanations as to why this occurred.

1. The other person might have been in another relationship when he or she was talking to you.

Though this isn't an ideal situation, it does happen. Sometimes, people get into a relationship with another person, only to find out that he or she is already in a relationship with someone else, so if you were talking to someone that dropped all communication out of nowhere, this might be why.
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2. The other person might be afraid of commitment.

Maybe, you were too insistent on taking your relationship to the next level when the other person wasn't ready to do so. Instead of hurting your feelings, the other person might have decided that it was better to stop talking to you completely. That way, he or she didn't have to tell you that they weren't on the same level in the relationship as you were.

3. The other person might have been going through a lifechanging event.

Unexpected events happen, and when they do, it might be difficult for a person to talk about them with the one that they are dating. Therefore, maybe the other person is going through a period of self-reflection at the moment while dealing with these matters. It might not just be you that he or she isn't talking to.
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4. The other person might have felt as if he or she could not trust you.

If you did something to break the trust between the two of you, then the other person might have called the relationship quits without telling you at all. Maybe, he or she couldn't get past the situation, and if that is the case, it might be hard to get back in contact with him or her.

5. The other person might have been offended by something that was said in conversation.

Do you remember saying anything that would have offended your other half? This might be the reason that he or she stopped talking to you. Maybe, what was said was something that he or she couldn't get over. It is quite possible that he or she moved on, especially if the comment hit him or her hard.

Finding out why you were ghosted isn't always easy, but the first thing that you might want to do is review the conversations that you had prior to the incident. Maybe, something that happened will assist you in finding the answer that you need, and maybe, it will help you move on.

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