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Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

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It can be difficult when you have a busy work life and home life to keep up with all of your daily needs. Sure, getting dressed and brushing our teeth can be already engrained into our daily routines. However, sometimes there are things that we forget to do that might be beneficial for our self-care.

1. Trim your nails.

When you are going from one place to the next it is easy to forget to trim your nails. However, doing this might help with both your appearance and hygiene routine.

2. Apply lotion on your dry skin.

Applying lotion every day or every other day might help you feel more refreshed. There aren't many people that like to have dry skin, so by adding this to your routine, you may find that you feel and look better.

3. Shave.

This might be a difficult one to remember, especially if you are used to wearing work clothing that covers up the areas that you usually shave. However, by making shaving a regular thing, you might find that getting ready for that unexpected pool party doesn't take as much work.

4. Condition your hair.

Not only can conditioner make your hair feel softer, but it might also feel less brittle. Try to remember to add this to your daily routine, and maybe, those tangles won't be so difficult to comb out.

Self-care is something that can make us feel and look better. If you incorporate it into your normal routine, it may become easier to keep up on, and it can help you develop better habits.

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