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Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

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Humor. It is a subject that we all love and embrace from time to time. However, when it comes to humor in a relationship, is there a wrong time to use it? Yes. Though humor helps lighten the heavy information and difficult situations that we go through, using humor at the wrong time can damage one's relationship. Here is how:

1. During Conflict

Some people may use humor during an argument or conflict in an attempt to calm the other person down. However, if this is something that is done too often, the other person may misinterpret your communication and instead think you aren't taking things seriously.

2. During an Important Event

If you are one that likes to clown around and have fun, you may want to hold the urge back during serious moments like important events. Being too humorous during dinner with his or her parents or around his or her work friends may make the other person feel like you don't really care about his or her life and instead find everything a big joke.

3. While Communicating Your Feelings

When you are talking to the other person about how you feel about him or her, a little humor might be okay. However, too much humor can make it seem like you aren't being honest about your feelings, and that is definitely not what you want to get across. Instead of focusing on humor in these types of moments, focus on your emotions. Doing that might help things flow a little smoother.

There is a time and place for humor, and yes, it is a great asset to a relationship. However, if it is used in the wrong moment, it could be the make it or break it for a couple's future.

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