Embracing the Small Things in a Big World

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

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There are several things that connect people of the human race, and one of these is the quest to find happiness. Though there are several tips and tricks on how to do this, the answer is simple. You have to find happiness from within. Now, personally, I feel like faith is a huge asset in doing this as it usually directs you to think less about yourself and more about what you are doing for those around you. Embracing faith can help you see things from a different light. You will be able to look past your issues or issues that you feel that you have and see the bigger picture.

Another thing that I feel is important in the quest for happiness is appreciating the little things in life. So often do we walk by a beautiful sunset or a pretty flower without taking in how wonderful these things are. Basically, what I am saying is that the little things in life seem to be overlooked as people are looking for bigger, more boisterous things to make them feel good. However, it’s the little things that count most of the time. That one hug from a friend can make you feel loads better after having a bad day. That walk in the park can help you feel the peace of mind that you might have been looking for all day. Things don’t have to be big to be appreciated, and if you think about it, there seems to be more little things in the world than big things.

Helping others out and communicating with them is also a gamechanger. It is so surprising how good you can feel when you put yourself in the shoes of someone else and work to make that person’s life better. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you disregard your own basic needs, but as humans we forget that we have so much potential to change things, and believe it or not, I think we have the energy to do so as well. Think about all the times that you were bored and had to look for something to do. If you took that time and wrote about an organization in need or called a friend that was going through a hard time, you would be bringing a little good into the world, and that would give you more purpose than scrolling social media for hours or settling for a B movie.

We have the potential to be happy inside of us. It just takes work and faith. There are several times where you might think, “Well, that little thing won’t do much to change my mood”, but what if you are wrong? What if that little thing that you do for a friend or that small walk in the park is the game changing event that you have been looking for?

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