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Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
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Several people go into the dating game with a list of attributes that they think the other person should have. Is that wrong to do? No, not really. However, the truth is that what connects two people together usually isn't as simple as the words on a list.

When you are trying to find the right person to begin a relationship with, there are several things that you need to consider. First, you want to make sure that you aren't seeking someone out because of their looks. Sure, physical attraction is important, but so are values. If you find that you like the other person just because of his or her looks, then down the road when the looks decline, you may find yourself with someone that you don't really want to be in a relationship with.

Also, it is important to find a person that is independent. You want them to be able to bring something to the table isn't of taking away the things that you have built on your own. When two people share their talents and ideas, a beautiful life can emerge for them. So, make sure that the person you are seeking out has their stuff together.

You need to find someone that is willing to not only listen to you but embrace your thoughts and opinions. Communication is one of the biggest indicators that the relationship is good between two people, so in order to create a stable foundation, it is important to find someone that wants to hear what you have to say.

Last but not least, it is important that the other person is willing to try new things and evolve in the experiences that they have with you. Life changes, and so do circumstances, so in order to keep the spark, there will be times that the two of you might have to engage in a new activity. Make sure that your partner is up for it.

Finding the right partenaire takes a lot of time and patience. However, if you are privileged enough to find someone that embraces you for who you are and is willing to contribute their time and energy into a relationship, then keep them close.

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