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Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
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Promoting a book can be difficult, especially if you don’t want to spend a whole bunch of money, so it is understandable why some authors decide to give out promotional copies. Not only do these copies help reach new readers, but they can also help an author get reviews, if they are promoted in the right place.

After searching several websites and making some mistakes, I came across a new book website that I hadn’t heard of before. It’s called LibraryThing. This site is free to join, and it is similar to Goodreads and Bookbub in that you can document which books you are reading and which you have read. You can also leave a review.

However, this website also has a feature where authors can promote a book giveaway for free. Now, this is something that I haven’t seen on either Goodreads or Bookbub, because if you do that on those websites, you usually have to pay. However, LibraryThing is a little different. All you have to do is create an account, go to the Groups tab, look up the Early Reviewers group, and click on the group box. On my computer, it was the second group listed. Then, click on the list of available books. This will show you all the books that other authors have listed for review, and on the top tab, there will be a button that says Member Giveaway.

By clicking the Member Giveaway tab, you will be able to fill out a form, which will allow you to advertise your free book promotion. You can select how long you want the giveaway to run and how many copies that you want to give out. When the giveaway is over, you will be notified by one of the admin on the website, and you will have the opportunity to email a copy of your book to the winners.

Once you have completed this, you will be able to go back into the website and see reviews from your readers, and you may have also gotten a few new fans. I think that this website is cool, because it allows you to see how many people have added your book to their library. It also allows you to connect with others on the website, and the reviews are visible to you once they are posted.

I have run giveaways on this website a few times, and I have found that they are very useful in reaching new people, so if you are looking for a way to diversify your readership, this would be one free way to do it.

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