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Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
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In this day and age, it can be difficult to find shows that are truly educational for preschoolers and kindergartners. Therefore, I have compiled a list of my favorites.

  • Alphablocks-This television show helps children learn their letters, the phonetic sounds of the letters, and eventually spelling. They give each letter a personality, which makes it easier for children to differentiate between letters that can easily be mixed up like b, d, and p.
  • Numberblocks-This show is a fun take on numbers. There are always adventures that the number blocks are going on, and they show why numbers are important and how adding and subtracting help the numbers get through different problems that occur on their adventures.
  • The Magic School Bus-This classic tackles everything from building to issues with the environment to understanding the human body. The way everything is explained is easy for children to understand, so don’t be surprised if they are able to tell you about scientific processes thoroughly after watching this show.
  • Awnie’s House-The woman who hosts this reading show picks excellent, age-appropriate books for kids. She makes little voices for each character, and overall, she tends to engage children with her reading.
  • Storybots-This is a fun show with a lot of music, so if you have a little music lover in the family, this would be a great learning show to watch. Storybots tackle anything from shapes to colors to different kinds of animals, and they do it in a fun way that helps kids learn.
  • Wild Kratts-The brothers in this show go on adventures in the wild and teach children about different animals, their habitats, and their needs. I think that this is a great way for children to learn about wildlife, and the different story lines make this type of learning fun.
  • Saddleback Kids-If you teach religion in your household, this television show is the easiest way to teach your child the Bible. The stories are told in an age-appropriate manner which helps inspire children to learn more about faith as they go.
  • Peg and Cat-This television show tackles math. It shows children the different types of mathematics that are performed, like fractions, addition, subtraction, etc. It also puts the characters into situations where they have to use their math skills in order to solve issues that they come across.
  • Wondergrove Kids-This show is a wonderful way to teach social skills to your children. The characters have to learn how to share with each other, why teamwork is important, and respect. Younger children will be engaged with the characters, and this helps in teaching them the basics.
  • The Dr. Binocs Show-This show can be good for children in this age group as it is short and to the point. Though this show caters to kids of all ages, if you pick the ones geared more towards your child’s age group, it can help answer basic questions like why the sky is blue and where mountains come from.
  • Sesame Street-Now, I would definitely be missing something if I didn’t put Sesame Street on this list. This traditional show is great at showing children colors, numbers, the alphabet, social skills, and so much more.
  • Daniel Tiger-Last but not least, Daniel Tiger has to be one of the best shows in teaching social skills and showing the importance of friends and families. I think that this show is geared towards the younger crowd, and since it involves situations that the children find themselves in, it is more relatable.

If you have any other educational children shows to add, feel free to list them in the comments below. Maybe, you will provide a suggestion that can help another parent out. Thanks!

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