Managing a Household with a New Child

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
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I always saw the babies on television and thought that they were so cute, and don’t get me wrong, babies are cute. However, they are a lot of work too. Therefore, I decided to write a couple of tips down that might have helped me along if I had to do it all over again.

1. Babies wake up numerous times throughout the night. If you are breastfeeding and are able, it might be a good idea to get breast milk storage bags, so both parents can feed the child. These bags allow you to pump and store the milk in the freezer or refrigerator until it is time to use the milk. Then, all you have to do is unthaw the milk (if frozen), put it into a bottle, and feed your child.

2. Now, this may seem odd, but one of the best tips that I got from my mom was to buy puppy training pads. Before you start judging this statement, give me a chance to explain. These pads aren’t used in the traditional sense. Instead, they are placed under the infant when changing him or her, so if the diaper leaks or the baby moves, your furniture and carpet aren’t dirtied. I found that this works amazingly, and I will always recommend using this method to change an infant diaper.

3. If a baby isn’t full, he or she won’t sleep. Though babies drink a lot of milk in the first couple of months, after six months or so, they are able to consume some baby foods. Trying your child on these foods may help fill your baby’s stomach and get you a little more sleep.

4. You may get a lot of baby toys that your infant can’t yet play with, and it can bum you out that you don’t have too many things that your baby can play with. However, there are some items that may help with this predicament. One of the best items that we had was a baby play mat. This is like a jungle gym for infants. There are usually toys attached to the mat, bright colors, and sometimes even mirrors. This type of toy can help babies during tummy time and can encourage crawling.

5. Don’t be afraid to buy baby gloves. Babies are not very coordinated after birth, and they tend to scratch themselves. Therefore, to prevent this from becoming an issue, it might be in your best interest to invest in baby gloves.

6. Not all pacifiers are the same, and not all babies require pacifiers. We tried our first baby on a pacifier, and we found that the only one she would take was the Nuby newborn pacifier. This type is constructed to fit their mouths better and assist them in keeping it in their mouths. However, after a while, we found out that though our child liked the pacifier, she didn’t require it, and therefore, instead of starting a habit that would need to be broken later on, we decided to forfeit the idea of a pacifier.

7. Babies don’t have control over their reflexes, which makes it difficult to bathe them unless you do it in the sink or have a baby bath. We had one baby that would bounce everywhere when she was being washed and another one that only bounced a little. Therefore, after a while, we found it easier just to use the baby bath that we were provided with at the hospital. It helps keep the baby still long enough for you to wash him or her and decreases the anxiety that these bouncy infants can give you while you are trying to wash them.

8. Make sure that you get a proper stroller, so you can get a little fresh air. You might start feeling a little cooped up after the first couple of months of having your baby, and when this happens, it might be a good idea to go on a walk. To make things easier, get a stroller, so you can walk more comfortably. This will help transport baby, and it will also help give you something to lean on if you get tired. Also, some strollers have areas where you can put diaper bags and other necessities, which just helps so you can feel more comfortable.

9. Keep a baby blanket with you at all times. Babies get chilly easily, so it is good to have a blanket to cover them up with, especially if it is windy. Remember, they are just developing their bodies, so they don’t have the same tolerance as you do. Also, be careful that you always pay attention to how the blanket is situated. You don’t want the blanket to cover their face in a way that would prevent proper air flow.

10. Make sure to talk about how you feel while you transition into motherhood. Some people may think that they have to keep everything in, but there are so many hormones and emotions that will be going through you after you give birth. It is important to find someone that you trust, whether it is your partner, a sibling, or even a friend. This just helps give you emotional support during this time. Know that it is okay to have mixed feelings during this time, and it is important to talk about them. Your hormones and emotions may change over time, but it is always a good thing to be open about how you feel.

The number one thing that you need to do when you have an infant is to enjoy every moment that you can. These babies grow up fast, and it is nice to be there for all of the milestones that you can.


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