90 Day Single Life and the Process of Judging a Book by Its Cover

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

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Conflict has been a constant theme in our society for a while. However, after watching an episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life, I began to wonder if I had cracked the code as to why some people were butting heads. Now, I am not going to go into a deep synopsis of the show, but what I will say is at the end all of the couples that were on the season show up for a talk with each other where they go over their love lives.

In this specific season, there were two men: Colt and Ed that completely didn’t get along. I noticed that throughout the conversation, Colt kept making quips at Ed, trying to make him feel bad about himself, and I wondered why he was doing this. They hadn’t dated the same girl. They didn’t even live in the same city, so what was the point of going after Ed? Why did he feel like he had the right to judge him?

Then, it hit me. Colt and Ed have a lot in common. Both of them live with their moms with no presence of a father. Both of them have cheated in their past relationships, and both of them sometimes let their egos get in the way of compromise. So, the conclusion that I came to is that Colt could see his own faults in Ed, and instead of dealing with himself and trying to work on his own flaws, he was harassing Ed for his errors.

The big thought that lingered with me after watching this was that maybe in society, we do this a lot. Maybe, we see people that have traits that we too have, and maybe, we decide to dislike them because we can’t deal with the negative traits that we possess.

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