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Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue
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Many writers have stumbled onto the fact that they can make their books into audiobooks through ACX, but after going through the process of writing the book, hiring a narrator, and getting everything approved, it can be difficult to get reviews even with the promotional codes.

Therefore, I decided to do a little research to find a way to get honest reviews from listeners, and in the process, I stumbled upon a website called Audiobook Obsession on Facebook. This group is run by two women, and they are committed to helping authors in getting audiobook reviews. They have a group of over 400 people that are willing to listen to various audiobooks and give their feedback.

To sign-up for this service, you send them an email at You need to include the audiobook that you are giving out codes for, the territory in which the codes can be used in(US or UK), a short description of the audiobook, and the audiobook codes. The administrators of this group will then distribute these codes to their group of listeners, and you will begin to see reviews on your Audible profile.

Now, this is a free service. I say this, because I learned last year, that it is actually illegal for people to charge to review your audiobooks. They get around this by creating platforms where you have to pay a subscription to submit your audiobook codes for listeners. Due to the complexity of these other review services and their loopholes, I tend to stick with Audiobook Obsession.

Audiobook Obsession doesn’t charge you for a subscription or anything related to your audiobook review. They just distribute the codes to listeners that are craving a new read. I have used their services more than once, and I have found their reviewers professional and helpful when it comes to feedback. Therefore, if you want a free way to get reviews on your romance audiobooks, I would recommend Audiobook Obsession. This group seems to know how to do things the professional way.

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