Ants Have a Better Worldview than Humans

Nicole Akers

If you have ever had contacts or glasses, you can relate to blurry vision. Sight is a valuable sense, but if it’s impaired, other senses and principles become stronger. Life is complicated. Think like ants.

Don’t let the compound eyes we have make you think we can see better. Imagine a cluster of LEDs you’d see as in a traffic light. We go through life with this kind of vision, except in a cone shape. It causes us to learn to do things differently.

Stay on the Trail

When moving our home, which we often do, we lay chemical trails that stay for about a day so our colony can follow the path to our new home. Imagine moving and leaving your dog behind, but your friend follows your scent and reunites with his family. We don’t have emotional connections like you do, but we depend on each other similarly.

Do Heavy Lifting

We’re tiny but strong. On an equivalent scale, we carry a load equally as heavy as an Olympic weightlifter. You may think of it as many hands make light work. We know the rest of the colony depends on us to be the heavy lifters as the earliest team. We don’t want to let you down.

Work Swiftly

You’re on a hard deadline. So are we. The chemical trails only last about a day, and the colony is already on its way. Hundreds, maybe thousands of moms and kids are going to be here soon and they need a home when they get here.

Work Together

In times of strife, you can choose to set aside petty differences for the good of others. We model this behavior always. We have no emotions. We work together, and we work quickly. The fate of our world rests on us. No watercooler talk or gossip arises. There’s no time for nitpicking. Our only goal is survival, and the only way to survive is to work together.

Be Active and Adaptable

While we wait for more workers from the old colony, we stay active, building a living, moving structure with floor to ceiling nonstop productivity. We haven’t a second to waste. The goal of constructing our new home can only be achieved if we don’t stop — hustle, Baby, hustle. Your way to survive is to hustle. To prepare the route, someone has to go before someone else. Lead, even if you don’t know what you’re doing. We’ll figure out the solution together.

Locate and Bring Food

The hungry workforce needs to eat a lot. But even this simple task is carried out by highly-skilled workers. The jaws of the hunting party are similar to the force of a car-crushing machine. Smaller ants spoonfeed adults who have brute force with a gentle nature. Working together, the hunting party divides food into smaller chunks so that it can be hauled back to camp.

Create a New World

Your new home has so much potential if you look for it. You don’t have to be weighed down about politics or circumstances. You can find good anywhere you want to go by blurring your focus and broadening your horizons. Make your home better and happier. Be small and adopt the values of ants to improve your worldview.

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