YouTubers are making thousands with ChatGPT

Nick Davis

Recently, the use of AI-powered language models such as ChatGPT has become increasingly popular for creating scripts for YouTube videos. These scripts are used for a variety of video formats, including those that are "faceless," meaning that the creator does not appear on camera.

One way that people are using ChatGPT for these types of videos is by outsourcing the editing process. This means that they are using the model to generate scripts, and then hiring someone else to edit the footage and turn it into a finished video.

The appeal of this approach is that it allows creators to focus on generating ideas and writing scripts, while someone else handles the technical aspects of video production. This can save time and allow creators to produce more content in a shorter period of time. With tools like TubeBuddy to help creators improve their video SEO, increase their visibility on the platform, and ultimately grow their audience, combined with the use of ChatGPT to produce scripts, and outsourcing editing, creators are producing more content and thus able to grow faster and make more money.

Additionally, many creators are finding that they can make money from these faceless videos. This is because they can monetize the videos through advertising or sponsorships, or even by selling products related to the content of the video.

Overall, the use of ChatGPT for creating scripts for faceless YouTube videos is becoming increasingly popular, and many creators are finding that it is a valuable tool for generating ideas and producing content quickly and efficiently. With the option of outsourcing the editing process, creators can focus on their writing and monetizing the videos. I am always writing about Side Hustles. Click Here so you never miss a Side Hustle post.

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