This guy made $100,000 with a Tiny Home Airbnb

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Airbnb has changed how people vacation forever. It has also opened the door for many people to make money renting out their spaces. Rob Abasolo is one of those people that makes a decent income from his Airbnb. He shared his story in a YouTube video that started gaining some traction. What makes it more interesting is that the spaces he rents out are tiny homes.

Rob has a property in California, where he built a tiny home in his backyard as an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit). He built this tiny home for $72,000. Doing a lot of the work himself. He did use some debt to build this tiny home. Then when he saw how much success he had with his first tiny home he decided to build another tiny home, but this time he built in Joshua Tree. He built this tiny home for $165,000 and hired most of the work.

So let’s get into the numbers!

What kind of expenses are there with an Airbnb?

For Rob, some of the expenses he has:





•Pest control

•Supplies and Maintenance


•Cleaning Fees

•Airbnb Fees

Both of Rob’s tiny houses had gross revenue of $109,488 in one year. Then when you factor in all the expenses, the Net profit for both tiny homes came to $78,271. Wow! It is always inspiring to see the amount of success people have with this side hustle.

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