Indiana man makes $4000 a month picking up scrap metal part-time

Nick Davis

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We all have probably seen someone in our local town towing a trailer full of junk metal, but we never think just how much money is that worth?

We met a young man in Indiana who works a full-time job and picks up junk scrap metal from people, then hauls it to the scrapyard. This guy has a crazy amount of work ethic. He works from 3 AM to 11 AM and then goes out to pick up metal from people. Currently he can make about $4000 a month from this little side hustle. He is going out almost every day for pickups, and still has weekends with the family. He says, it seems like everyone has scrap metal that they need cleaned out of their garage or shed and they are really happy that someone is willing to help them remove it.

Where do you find customers?

He says he has leveraged Facebook. He uses both his personal page and then utilizes local selling groups on Facebook to advertise his scrapping/hauling services. Then he schedules pickups in Facebook Messenger and routes them in the most efficient way possible. He has become known as the local guy you can call to come pick up the broken grill, refrigerator, or that old car hood you have sitting in the barn. His message inbox is constantly receiving notifications and his phone keeps ringing. Now he has become so popular in his community that people recommend him to their friends.

Why do you do this?

He says, he does this for his family. It allows his wife to stay home with their children. It gives him freedom and flexibility. He can schedule pickups whenever he wants. So if he wants to go work for another 3 hours and then take the kids to the park or eat lunch and then go out later, he can. It also gives them more financial freedom to invest or schedule a vacation for the family.

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