How YouTubers strategically grow their channel

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It is no secret that many YouTubers are making enough money to live on from their YouTube channels. But how are they growing their channel so they can monetize it and make YouTube a career?I have become curiously obsessed with the recipe of success and growth of many of these YouTubers. So, I’ve been doing research. Here’s what many successful YouTubers are doing to engage and grow their audience.

1. Treat your channel like a business

This makes sense. If you want to take it seriously, you’re going to need to treat this seriously. Set goals, write them down, and show up consistently to do the work.

2. Stay consistent and be persistent

There will be days when you don’t want to work on your channel. Many YouTubers say to create a schedule, maybe create a video every Wednesday for example. This will allow you to upload content regularly and your subscribers are likely to hang around more if they know you’re consistently coming back. Stay persistent. Think about this in years. You are playing the long game.

3. Use TubeBuddy

Many YouTubers use a tool called, TubeBuddy. This allows YouTubers to research keywords to see which words could work best for their video in search results. They can also use this keyword research to see what keywords are trending or what people are searching to give them video ideas they could create around those keywords.

They also provide time-saving templates and tools to speed up their publish times allowing many to cut their publishing time in half. Plus, this provides many other tools that many are using to strategically rank higher and gain more views/subscribers. There could be a whole article on TubeBuddy, but we’ll save that for another day!

4. Watch and Learn from other YouTubers

Study what other creators are doing. YouTubers can learn a lot from each other. What works for one YouTuber won’t work for the other, but it’s great to see what is working for some and then try those methods out to see if they find success.

5. Collaborate with other YouTubers

This is an old one, but many don’t utilize it. YouTubers should find other creators with similar size audiences, reach or mission/purpose and collaborate on an idea. This allows exposure to different audiences from both channels. Potential for serious growth here.

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