Georgia on My Mind: Navigating the Peach State's Unique Driving Laws

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Nestled in the core of the Deep South, Georgia, lovingly dubbed the Peach State, boasts a rich tapestry of history, culture, and lush landscapes. However, its distinctive driving laws warrant special attention for residents and visitors alike. Let’s explore some of these unique driving laws and offer insight into navigating Georgia’s roadways safely and legally.

Hands-Free Georgia Act

In an era dominated by technology, distracted driving has emerged as a significant concern across the United States. Georgia addressed this issue head-on by implementing the Hands-Free Georgia Act in 2018. This legislation prohibits all drivers from holding or supporting a wireless telecommunications device or a stand-alone electronic device while operating a vehicle. The Act stresses the importance of using hands-free technology, thereby aiming to reduce the incidence of distracted driving accidents.

Super Speeder Law

Georgia’s Super Speeder Law is another unique provision aimed at combating excessive speeding. A ‘Super Speeder’ is a driver convicted of speeding at 75 mph or more on a two-lane road or at 85 mph and above on any road or highway in the Peach State. The law imposes an additional $200 fine on Super Speeders, on top of the existing fines and fees associated with speeding violations. This law underscores Georgia’s commitment to promoting safe driving habits and mitigating the risks associated with high-speed driving.

Move-Over Law

Safety is paramount on Georgia’s roads, and the Move-Over Law was instituted to protect law enforcement officers, emergency responders, and roadside assistance workers. This law mandates that drivers should, if possible, move over one lane when approaching stationary authorized emergency vehicles displaying flashing lights. If changing lanes is unsafe or impractical, drivers are required to slow down below the speed limit and be prepared to stop.

DUI Laws

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a grave offense in Georgia, with stringent penalties for violators. The state adopts a per se approach to DUIs, meaning that drivers with a blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or higher are considered impaired by law. For drivers under 21, the limit is set at 0.02% BAC. Georgia employs a tiered penalty system for DUIs, ranging from fines and license suspensions to mandatory community service and imprisonment for repeat offenders.

Child Passenger Safety Laws and Seat Belt Regulations

Georgia places a high premium on the safety of young passengers. The state mandates that all children under eight years of age must be properly restrained in an approved car seat or booster seat appropriate for their height and weight. Additionally, the seat belt law requires all front-seat occupants, regardless of age, to wear a seat belt, and all passengers under 18 must be restrained, irrespective of where they are seated in the vehicle.

Slowpoke Law

Georgia’s Slowpoke Law, another intriguing legislation, mandates that drivers in the far-left lane on a Georgia interstate must move over if a faster vehicle approaches them, regardless of the speed at which they are traveling. The law is intended to reduce traffic congestion and road rage incidents, emphasizing smooth traffic flow and courtesy on the road.

Georgia’s unique driving laws emphasize safety, responsibility, and courtesy. From the stringent Hands-Free Georgia Act and the stern Super Speeder Law to the protective Move-Over Law and the precise DUI regulations, each legislation is crafted with the welfare of the drivers and the general public in mind. Understanding and adhering to these laws are crucial for anyone navigating the picturesque and vibrant roads of the Peach State. Whether a resident or a visitor, keeping Georgia on your mind means embracing a commitment to safe and lawful driving.

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