The art of goal setting 101

Nick Davies
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Everyone has goals. Certain goals are long-term while others are shorter-term. There are goals that we've put off for so long they're dusty and covered with cobwebs. Others are fresh-minted. For those who aren't so successful as we'd like to be, we can often feel discouraged about reaching our goals. Certain goals appear out of reach and impossible to achieve. But this shouldn't be the case. We are able within us to alter our lives. The ideal time to start is when we set our goals.

Simple rules increase the chances for us to accomplish our goals. The first is to adhere to the K.I.S.S. principle. Simply put Keep it simple, stupid. The more complicated and elaborate we try to make our goals, the less likely we'll be able to achieve the goals.

The best method to make your goal-setting simpler is to set a single goal - that is the goal you want to achieve. Once that is accomplished, everything else will be just detailed. What is your final objective? What is your ultimate goal? If you're dying and examine your life, what do you wish to see happen there? If you look around, are looking around, what do you wish to observe? Your vision is the ultimate aim.

We all recognize that having a place with which to travel makes it easier. The knowledge of the destination helps us decide what we should pack and helps us make the right decisions about transportation. It is the same when you set objectives and achieve them. If we know where we are going, then we will know what to bring (and what we should remove) and we are able to make better decisions on the best way to get there. Limiting our goals to this one goal allows us to focus on that single destination instead of constantly wandering around and losing our direction. It makes it simpler to gauge the significance and importance of all the other choices that affect our lives with the help of a measurement stick. If we choose to take Path A or Path B which is more efficient to reach that ultimate goal?

Setting a goal for ourselves can be an extremely powerful instrument for your own success, as often, we devote our energy and time to the minutiae that make up our life. We're just responding to whatever happens to us from others or just by our daily life. But if we want to succeed and reach our goals, we need to be the ones to lead, and take action. Simply setting the ultimate goal and focusing our attention and focus on that goal is that instead of reacting, we're doing something. This action signifies that we've taken a leading part in our own success. In taking that step, we have taken the reins of our life and that's a successful step to success.

If you are looking to have greater success in your life then you need to set a simple objective -the ultimate goal for your life. Then, you need to get into the ring to act on your life, instead of reactivity all the time.

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