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Driving for long distances is most of the time boring at best, but when traveling with kids it makes this situation more difficult than most trips. While many of the youth today have electronic games that have engaging action and can help for a few minutes, there is only so much that kids can take when it comes to sitting. There are some time honored traditional road trip games that can be played either in the car or at different destinations that you are going to visit.

Car games have been around ever since people began to take weekend trips or had a need to take the family across the country. When a car game is implemented it usually can involve all the members in the group or bunch to make things more interesting. Most of the games are geared towards many different age groups so that all will have some input in the how things are played themselves. Don't forget about activity kits for children. These are available online and are packed full of all kinds of age appropriate activities that will keep them entertained for hours during a long trip.

Perhaps the most popular road trip car game of all is known as I Spy. The structure of this game is simple. One person settles on something that is ahead of the vehicle. It may be a billboard, a cow in a field, or a traffic sign. The person offers a clue to the other players, such as I spy something red or I spy something round. Others have to guess what the leader has spied. The player who correctly identifies the item spied by the first leader becomes the new leader and repeats the process. This simple game can keep everyone occupied for hours.

Another of the most popular road trip games is known as States. Originating in the United States, this game is ideal for cross-country travel. Players check out the license plates of other cars on the road. The idea is to identify as many different state license plates as possible. The first person to spot a state plate that is not already on the list earns a point. In various incarnations, the players may establish a certain number of points that someone has to earn in order to win, or they may play the game until they tire of the activity and simply declare the person with the most accumulated points to be the winner. Use some of these games in traveling with kids and you will be pleased at the ride you will have because of it.

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