5 Tips For Finding a Job In a Tough Economy

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We see it everywhere - factories are closing, jobs are being lost, hours are being cut and it's the worst economic situation most have ever seen. However - in spite of all that, bills keep coming in and we keep needing groceries. No matter how much the work has slowed, the bills haven't. So, what do you do when you really need a job in today's economy? Below, you'll find 5 tips that will help you find a job quickly.

  1. Don't Expect the Job to Come to You - While many individuals might fill out some applications and then sit at home waiting for the calls - you need to get out there and continue looking. Don't wait for that job to come hunt you down, because it won't. Schedule interviews, fill out applications, inquire at different companies - do everything you can think of to get things rolling.
  2. Consider "Finding a Job' Your Job - Spend several hours each day doing something that will get you closer to getting a job. Whether you're searching the classifieds, networking, filling out applications, interviewing - you should consider this your job until a real one comes along. It's very important that you take job hunting seriously because the more you do, and the more time you devote to it - the better your chances are of getting a job quickly.
  3. Pay Special Attention to Your Resume - Do what you can to make your resume stand out. Make sure the most important information comes first - your skills and what you're looking for. Then follow up with your experience, etc. Make the resume neat with bullet points and sub-headings. Be sure that your resume will really stand out from the others the company will receive. By ensuring that your resume gets noticed, you'll have a better chance of getting the job.
  4. Work on Charming Your Interviewers - The truth is that people often hire others because they like them. If you and another person are interviewed and you have the same qualifications, but you were liked more - chances are you'll get the job. Be polite, charming, and funny - work the situation and ensure that the interviewer likes you. This is a great step to take to ensure that you get a job quickly.
  5. Follow Up with Interviewers - Once you've been interviewed, you can follow up to remind the interviewer that you're serious about the job. Of course, you want to wait at least a week before you give them a follow up call so that you don't seem desperate.

By using these 5 tips, you can help ensure that you will get a job quickly - even in today's tough economy!

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