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Eco Friendly Hardwood Flooring Options in Madison, WI

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Using recycled and eco-friendly materials is one of the hottest trends in hardwood flooring. Madison is known for its beautiful old farm houses, earthy no-nonsense people, and Scandinavian heritage. Hardwood flooring in Madison can be found in both traditional and contemporary homes and no other type of flooring holds up to the elements as well as hardwood flooring. Madison homeowners know they like the way hardwood looks and lasts but increasingly they also want to know: Is my flooring eco-friendly? Is it made from sustainable materials? In this article we will look at why even the most environmentally conscious consumer should consider a wood floor. Madison has many hardwood flooring experts to implement any of the ideas mentioned below.

Hardwood flooring is one of the most durable flooring options available and this makes it ecologically friendly. Older homes typically used red or white oak, heart pine or maple hardwood. Many of these older floors have survived more than 100 years and they still look fabulous. Do you have an older home with wood flooring in Madison? Does it look horrible and old? It probably can be restored. Hire an expert to evaluate the condition and tell you what it will cost you to refinish and repair it. Replacing sections of solid wood floors can be expensive but this might be the most eco-friendly option. In addition, many times these floors look horrible but refinishing them easily restores their luster. There are many low VOC finishes available that are good for both your family and your wood floor. Madison hardwood craftsmen can evaluate your floor, do repairs and bring it miraculously back to life.

Installing a hardwood floor from scratch has choices that are as ecologically sound as they are sustainable. One popular trend is to use recycled wood that has been recovered from the Great Lakes. Timber was commonly transported through the Great Lakes during the last century and many of these valuable trees were lost overboard. There are now flooring companies throughout the Madison region that find and reuse this reclaimed wood to make unique and beautiful floors. Old schools, barns and homes are also a good source for reclaimed flooring. Madison's heritage means that many of these original floors were some of the best floors ever made. Reclaimed flooring in Madison isn't necessarily "cheap" because it is very labor intensive. However, you won't find a better flooring option if beauty and ecologically friendly are at the top of your priority list.

Two types of new eco-friendly flooring options have become increasing popular due to their price, durability and ease of installation. These are cork and bamboo flooring. Madison suppliers carry both. While technically not hardwoods, these eco-conscious flooring materials are often used just like hardwood flooring by Madison homeowners.

Cork flooring is made from excess cork produced from making wine bottle corks. Cork is stripped from the bark of the tree. The tree isn't damaged and it is harvested again in about 7 years. This sustainable material comes in a variety of colors. Cork floors look and feel much like hardwood flooring. Madison DIY lovers will rejoice with cork because it comes in squares that are easy to cut and glue down.

Bamboo flooring offers another sustainable eco-friendly choice when installing a wood floor in Madison. Bamboo constantly regenerates from an extensive root structure. Bamboo grows much like a tulip bulb so it is a sustainable material. Light-colored bamboo flooring has become popular as the new chic modern statement in wood flooring. Madison lofts are particularly well suited for this new and durable flooring material.

Homeowners can use any of the flooring options above and know that their wood flooring is good for both their home and for the planet!

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