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You’ll be surprised; I sure was

First, I would like to say this is not sponsored and obviously wouldn't be because I'm talking about how low Quora pays... Instead, I'm trying to just give insight to interested writers about how much Quora pays for a lot of views...
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Blogging and writing online as a side hustle has now been around for a good amount of time. Nowadays, it is a continuously growing moneymaker for aspiring writers, with many writing platforms present online. At the top of the list are Medium, Vocal Media, Newsbreak, and the biggest one of all, Quora, with 300 million active users.

Quora, unlike Medium, is a question-and-answer format platform. On Medium you are able to write what you want, but on Quora, you answer questions on topics that you have knowledge of. Quora, like Medium, now pays its writers for the answers they write in comparison to the past, in which you had to be invited to the partner program and were paid to ask questions.

Quora just recently went live with this new partner program, Quora +, and the way it works is that it is a subscription for $5 a month which gives you access to metered/monetized stories, in turn paying the writers part of that subscription for their answers.

I myself on Quora have found a lot of success on the platform, garnering 23 Million Content Views, and 300,000 followers for my space, which is kind of the Quora equivalent of a Medium publication. The way in which I was able to do this was all due to a hack that I found to the Quora algorithm.
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In this article, I plan on sharing how much money I earned from 23 million content views on Quora, and I bet you’ll be surprised; I know I was.

A Brief Explanation of How I Got 23 Million Views and How You Can Do It Too

On Quora, everything in terms of getting views is about picking the right question, which I only realized fairly late into the game. I published my first answer in 2019 but never really wrote on Quora until the summer of 2020, and about a month into writing consistently I figured out how to choose the right question. Here’s how:

The Process

Go to your Home Page and start scrolling… While scrolling, look for the following things…

  1. Answers from people you follow or your followers.
  2. Advertisements

These two things are the two things you want to ignore, you don’t want to answer those questions or look at the ads. You should now be left with a couple of recommended answers. To know which recommended answer is the best to answer as well, look at these three key things.

  1. Date of the answer: Was it in the past few days, preferably 2–3 days, even better, past 24 hours?
  2. Views: Are they in the ten thousands or hundred thousands?
  3. Upvotes: Are they in the hundreds or thousands?

Now, choose an answer to a question which you think you could answer as well and meets the criteria above. Once you click on it, as all answers on Quora works, it will redirect you to the page for that question, in which you will have to determine once again if you should answer the question.

  1. Amount of answers: How many answers are there to the given question? This tells you how much competition you have. My rule is over 25 answers, you shouldn’t answer, but you can adjust that however you’d like.
  2. Answerers: Who did the answering for the question? If the question has a bunch of famous, very well-known people on Quora, there’s a good chance your writing is going to get drowned out.
  3. Views: Check for a consistent number of high views on each answer for the question; this is what will guarantee that your answer gets a lot of views!

The Income Reveal! How Much I Made From 23 Million Content Views


8.97 USD. Yes, not even ten dollars, not even nine. Just eight dollars and ninety-seven cents.
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Possible Reasons For Why I Earned So Little For So Many Views

  1. Quora + and the answering partner program are relatively new and postdate the bulk of my views on Quora.
  2. There are not many Quora + users, so therefore, the earnings amount is very low.
  3. I haven’t been writing very much on Quora and for this reason, I’m only making money from answers I wrote in the past and a few answers from after Quora + was released.
  4. Quora + just doesn’t pay that much…

Should You Give Quora and Writing Answers on Quora For Money a Try?

My answer for you is mixed and depends on what you’re looking for. From the question partner program on Quora, although I never got invited due to my late start, I’ve from other writers that it’s possible to make thousands. However, due to the answering partner program on Quora being both new and very competitive, you may not make that much money, as shown above.

If you’re looking for another writing community and a pretty fun time with writing, then I do recommend writing on Quora. Quora was plenty of fun for me when there was no money involved except for the money I made from my space. Quora + has made the platform more competitive and less fun for me due to all the paywalls and new writers who are just looking to make money.

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