'True Crime Story' and Three Other New Books Coming Out This Week

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You might not think about people disappearing during the holiday season, but this week’s batch of new book releases contains two novels centered on disappearances.

If nonfiction is more your speed, a new book tries to shed more light on the Dark Ages. You’ll find a rundown of these books and more below.

Here are four books releasing on Dec. 7, 2021, that you may want to check out.

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Four new books publishing on Dec. 7, 2021

A History of Wild Places: A Novel by Shea Ernshaw

Best-selling young adult author Shea Ernshaw makes her adult fiction debut with A History of Wild Places.

The story begins with Travis Wren trying to track down a children’s book author, Maggie St. James, who disappeared five years earlier. But Wren also disappears.

Years later, a Pastoral resident named Theo breaks the rules and ventures outside the community. What he and his wife, Calla, discover forces them to question everything they know and may have answers about the fate of Wren and St. James.

From the publisher: Hauntingly beautiful, hypnotic, and bewitching, A History of Wild Places is a story about fairy tales, our fear of the dark, and losing yourself within the wilderness of your mind.

Get the book: (Amazon | Bookshop)

The Bright Ages: A New History of Medieval Europe By Matthew Gabriele and David M. Perry

We sometimes think of medieval time as the Dark Ages, but this new book seeks to recast our understanding of the period between the Roman Empire’s collapse and the Renaissance.

From Rome’s fall to the Vikings, the Black Death, and Dante, Perry and Gabriele walk us through a nearly 1,000-year period of World history. The book covers people and events across three continents in ways that may challenge how you think of the Dark Ages.

From the publisher: The Bright Ages takes us through ten centuries and crisscrosses Europe and the Mediterranean, Asia and Africa, revisiting familiar people and events with new light cast upon them.

Get the book: (Amazon | Bookshop)

True Crime Story: A Novel by Joseph Knox

While reading True Crime Story, it’s essential to remember that the book is make-believe. The way Knox tells this story, with a mix of plot and documentation, you may be tempted to take the novel’s title literally.

True Crime Story zeroes in on the 2011 disappearance of a university student, Zoe Nolan. The case prompted Evelyn Mitchell to wonder what happens to girls like Zoe who go missing?

Evelyn starts investigating Zoe’s disappearance for a book she’s writing. Evelyn keeps her crime writing friend Joseph in the loop, and before long, he’s pulled into the case as well. Before long, Joseph discovers the truth is shocking and terrible.

From the publisher: The thrilling story of a university student's sudden disappearance, the woman who became obsessed with her case, and the crime writer who uncovered the chilling truth about what happened.

Get the book Amazon | Bookshop

Afternoon at McBurger’s by Ana Galvañ, Translator: Jamie Richards

If you like 1990s nostalgia and science fiction, you may enjoy Afternoon at McBurger’s. This graphic novella finds friends gathering at a fast-food restaurant for their “Once Party,” a special meal you can only order once and only after turning 11.

A “Once Party” also comes with a chance to see five minutes of your future life. But not all who order the “Once Party” wins.

From the publisher: A science-fiction graphic novella grounded in a familiar experience for most: spending an afternoon with our best pals over a burger and fries. But this joint has something more special than a Happy Meal: the "Once Party" menu.

Get the book Amazon | Bookshop

New books to check out.

World history, science fiction, and mysterious disappearances are on the menu this week.

Here are four books releasing on Dec. 7, 2021, worthy of attention:

  • A History of Wild Places by Shea Ernshaw (Amazon | Bookshop)
  • The Bright Ages: A New History of Medieval Europe By Matthew Gabriele and David M. Perry (Amazon | Bookshop)
  • True Crime Story by Joseph Knox (Amazon | Bookshop)
  • Afternoon at McBurger’s by Ana Galvań, translated by Jamie Richards (Amazon | Bookshop)

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