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Chris Castro currently lives in Corpus Christi, Texas and is globally recognized by the kayak fishing community. Filming and competing is at the center of what Chris Castro enjoys the most. Host of Next Level Fishing TV with Chris Castro.

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Predicting The Future of Kayak Fishing

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Chris Castro Kayak Fishing Texas RigsCarlos Andreu. The idea of motorized kayaks is nothing new, but remember that the consumer always dictates the industry. Over ten years ago we were not ready for a kayak known as Torque from Ocean Kayak, although two years ago I made a bold prediction that the industry was finally ready to take off after years of community push back. It happened, but much quicker than I thought. Before I made that statement via facebook I put all my focus on testing a small compact motor from Bixpy Jet. The reason was because I felt Bixpy could present a turning point that could domino effect into helping even its competitors. In the beginning it just didn't make sense to attach an electric motor for the price of a kayak. Bixpy Jet on the other hand was the first successful manufacturing company to create an outboard motor kit for as little as $1,100 USD. Compare this price to competitors in the $2,000-$3,000+ range and now the masses have a reason to flirt with the future of kayak fishing. All the kayak fishing community needs is a little taste of better to set them off in a new direction; the hard part is to present a good enough reason for it. In my opinion Bixpy was the bridge that created a scale to define a logical cost effective option. A community that is now willing to pay an extra $2,000 more for a speed increase of 2-4 mph, and extended battery life. Speed is a hell of a drug even in small doses (no pun intended).

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