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A Trip Back to Old New York With The Tuck Room

By Tiara Budd

If you ever find yourself venturing down by the South Street Seaport, you should run (not walk) over to the beautifully decorated and chic restaurant The Tuck Room for the ultimate dining experience. Located inside the same building as the iPic theater, The Tuck Room is a place not to be missed. From the outstanding hospitality to the instant feeling of being taken back into old New York with a modern twist, this restaurant is a gem.
Tuck Room Marrow Burger.Photo by Tiara Budd

My experience at The Tuck Room started with a beautiful seat by the window with the view of the Brooklyn Bridge. Around me, diners laughed and caught up with friends while singing along to the popular hip-hop and rap music that the DJ in the back of the restaurant played. As I scoured the menu, I could see why The Tuck Room can be called a drinking and dining den. The cocktail list was extensive and would make even the pickiest drinker happy. I felt overwhelmed with the choices and finally ended up choosing the Big Apple Margarita. The drink was not only delicious but also Instagram-worthy, which is always a plus in my book. After a few hushed moments of indecisiveness, I began my amazing food experience with The Tuck Room.

The menu is not as lengthy as the cocktail list, but everything on it sounded and smelled absolutely amazing. As I glanced around the restaurant, there wasn’t a dish that didn’t look delectable and I found myself unsure of what exactly to order for me and my friend who was also in attendance. Finally… we made a decision. For starters, we settled on the signature crabcakes and reuben croquettes. The appetizers quickly arrived and I eagerly dug into my meal with anticipation and excitement.

The croquettes were bite sized and I could have easily ate ten of them if I had the chance to. The slight taste of pickle, which I’m generally not a fan of, actually complemented the pastrami and gave my tastebuds an interesting pop. The Thousand Island sauce that accompanies the croquettes pairs well with the cheese and is a nice addition to the dish. The breading completely covers the croquettes but aren’t dry or overbearing. In my opinion, this delectable appetizer reminded me of being able to eat a whole Reuben in one bite and I LOVED it.

Brioche crusted crabcakes

Yummy...Photo by Tiara Budd

Tuck Room Marrow Burger

I have been dying to try a marrow burger for the longest time, so when I saw that The Tuck Room offered one, I almost squealed with delight. After downing my appetizers, I licked my lips and awaited my burger. This burger is huge and can be overwhelming to amateurs who aren’t use to a meal of this caliber – but not me. This dish was well-charred and had a slightly smoky taste to it that I genuinely enjoyed. The bacon that sits on top of the burger is caramelized with a kick of spice that not only surprises but also delights. As I wrapped up my entree, I found the taste making me reminiscent of family holidays and barbeques in the park. Well-flavored, perfectly seasoned, and undeniably good is the only way I can describe this burger.


From the unbeatable customer service to the well-crafted cocktails and filling dishes, The Tuck Room is looking like my next regular hangout spot. While the dishes are a little pricey, you won’t walk away feeling disappointed or wishing you had spent the evening at your go-to burger spot. So switch up date night or grab your girls and head over to The Tuck Room and I promise… it’ll keep you coming back for more. See you there!

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