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Tasting Cheese at Greenpoint Beer & Ale in Brooklyn

By Ron Rossi
Rougette Bonfire Grilling CheesePhoto by Ron Rossi

Cheese is cheese. And sometimes we always take it the same way when we want a bite. There is nothing wrong with that. Especially if it’s a cheese we enjoy. But there comes a time we need to try something new and different. When the flavor and taste are special. When we actually grill the cheese a little before we take a bite.

This is not your traditional grilled cheese sandwich. No, this is something you grill first and then use as a special appetizer with a beverage maybe before dinner. The best is that this is something you might actually find if you were over in Europe and tried a piece of cheese their way.

This is Rougette Bonfire Grilling Cheese. And we were lucky enough to try it at an exhibit at the Greenpoint Beer & Ale over in Brooklyn, New York. It was a combination of something to eat and something to drink.

The Rougette Bonfire Grilling Cheese

Originally from an area out of Bavaria in Germany, the Rougette Bon-Fire Cheese started originally as a Käserei Champignon specialty cheeses brought to the US. It is from a family-based company in Germany that has created these specialties for over 100 years. They took their time to create the right style and flavor before they brought it here.

Having lived and worked in Germany, I already knew of cheese. And I knew of the Rougette Bonfire Grilling Cheese, as well as other styles that the family did make. It is highly respected and can be bought out of your local supermarket or grocery store over there, including in Berlin. So this is a good cheese to select when you need it at home.

But this time we were able to see new boxes of the cheese ready to be used and tried fresh from the grill. These were already selected and packaged. We were shown how they are used and what you can do with each piece we tried.

We started with the simple grilled cheese fresh off the grill. It was easy to use and fresh to taste. It was combined with a fresh cracker and very tasty to have. It was good. We then tried a piece of cheese that was what they called a “Marinated Cheese” which is actually a piece of cheese that had been marinated prior to being packaged. If you bought this you would just have to open the box and place the cheese on the grill to warm it up. The marinated slice will melt just a little bit so it is still warm and moist. It has a flavor that tastes like cheese but has a slight spice that is mixed with herbs and olive oil. This is very good as well.

Then we tried some new ideas with the cheese. The first was a “Cambozola on Crostini”. It is made with high-grade blue cultures to the milk, which forms fine blue veins in the cheese when it matures. It’s a combination of especially creamy soft cheese and refined blue cultures. In this version, it was topped with honey and walnuts on top of sweet potato slices. It was sweet and covers the fact that there was cheese with this. Everything else covered the flavor.

Next, we had “Alsatin Tart with Pears” This, too, was grilled and then topped with the fresh pears. Once more the items are sweet and fresh. But the flavor of the cheese is now lost. It is moist and ideal with a beverage that might be sweet when you try it.

There were other sweetened items available to try. The spice was right. The flavor was moist and ideal. The size was correct with each bite you take. It does change the taste to more sweet as you make each choice and decide.

Finally, we had plain “Cambozola” cheese served as it would be on a platter. Simple. Plain. Pure cheese. This is the way you can enjoy cheese alone. With each bite, you take you can feel what it is like to have a good piece of cheese. And the most rewarding aspect is that you can buy the cheese in a package in the market. This way you can save it at home and try it when you want.

Greenpoint Beer & Ale: A NICE PLACE TO HAVE A BITE.

Along with the cheese we were in a good location. The Greenpoint Beer & Ale is a good place over here in Brooklyn. It is a traditional brewery. The products are made here and come in a variety of tastes and flavors. We had several to select from while we were here. There were also soft drinks and water. As long as all complimented the cheese on the grill we were doing fine for the visit.

Greenpoint Beer & Ale is open for all events, both public and personal. You can have an event here if you want. Otherwise, you can go over to enjoy a new beer or beverage and enjoy a meal with it. This is a good way to enjoy a different dinner one day when you want to be out of the home. Inside or outside you can enjoy your time here. There is also a shop where you can buy some new beer. Or else you can always go to the look grocery store.

Watch this video to get a glimpse inside the place:


This turned out to be a different way to spend the evening. We had a new place by visiting the Greenpoint Beer & Ale location. The team here was nice and accommodating. You can definitely go for a meal or have an event. It was good to talk with them and learn even more.

The Rougette Bonfire Grilling Cheese was good to try. They were offering you a new choice in grilled cheese if you never had it before. It was available to try and to decide. You can try it here and then go to a grocery store where you make a decision on which box of cheese you want to take home and try once more. In fact, if you bring it home today it can remind you of what you had when you were in Germany where it is from.

Location: Greenpoint Beer & Ale, 1150 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint, NY 11222

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