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Is This The Best Greek Food Truck in NYC?

By Perry Resnick

I had to make a rare foray down to the Financial District, which made it a perfect time to catch up with Souvlaki GR for Today’s Lunch. Some claim it's the best Souvlaki food truck in town.

(Photo credit: Perry Resnick)

Ever since they started out back in 2010, we've had quite a lot of tasting visits. They began with one food truck back then, and today they have three full-service restaurants and two food trucks.

Since it’s been a while, I wanted to try a variety pack, so I got pork souvlaki, a chicken stick, a bifteki, a few greek pies.

There were only a few people in front of me, so I didn’t have to wait more than 10 minutes from arrival to walking away with lunch.

I opened up the bag and started with the chicken stick, which came with a cup of tzatziki sauce and a pita triangle.  It was well grilled, with a nice char on one end, but it wasn’t dried out. The chicken stick also had some herbs on it like thyme and oregano, which added some depth to the flavor.

After one bite plain, I dipped the chicken stick into the cup of tzatziki sauce and was a very happy camper.  The tzatziki was a thick and creamy yogurt sauce with a garlicky disposition, which went great with the grilled chicken.

Photo Credit: Perry Resnick.

Next up was the pork souvlaki, which came on pita bread, but this was a much fluffier bread than the thin triangle that came with the chicken stick.  It all came together wonderfully, with pieces of grilled pork, tzatziki sauce, a couple of fries, a few pieces of red onion, and some crumbled feta. You can also get tomato, but I didn’t.  This was delicious, and I enjoyed every bite.

I saved the Bifteki for last, which was a long oval patty of spiced, ground beef with the same toppings and on the same bread as the pork souvlaki.  The bifteki is softer than the pork or chicken souvlaki, and the potato taste from the fries was a little more pronounced on the bifteki sandwich than on the pork souvlaki.

Next up were the Greek pies, we got cheese pies and spinach pies. credit: Perry Resnick)

We love phyllo dough, and this was exactly why. The phyllo dough on the Greek pies was very light and flaky.

The spanikopita (spinach pie) was filled with very lemony feta cheese.

There was plenty of spinach in the pie, as well as onions, in that warm, flaky, crispy crust. credit: Perry Resnick)

The cheese pie was even better. It was filled with cheese and was studded with a couple of herbs to round out the flavor.

The Greek pies were great.

By the way - while we didn’t get them today, the Greek fries at Souvlaki GR are excellent too.

It’s easy to see how Souvlaki GR won prizes like the Rookie of the Year Vendy Award back in the days. Their ingredients are top-notch – from the soft, pillowy pita bread to the grilled meat to the tzatziki sauce.

Souvlaki GR still has it. We can’t think of too many things tastier than grilled marinated meat on skewers. They certainly had a good crowd for lunch the other day.

You can find the Souvlaki GR food truck location here.

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