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The Suspect of Murdering and Stabbing the ex-NYPD officer has been arrested

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The suspect has been arrested for stabbing an NYPD officer in the neck.

On Wednesday, around 8 pm, the former police officer, Nicholas Nelson, 37, got into an argument on Elizabeth Street. The discussion started when the suspect, a 26-year-old man, Eric Wilson, kicked the door of the victim’s car. At the time of the fight, Nicholas was with his children. He brought his kids back inside his Staten Island home, and the suspect kept shouting outside. Nicholas's grandmother tried to stop him, but he didn’t listen and went out. The fight between them continued, and the suspect stabbed the victim in the neck shortly after.
Nicholas Nelson, a former police officer got stabbed in the neck.Photo byNY Post (Facebook)

For medical care, Nicholas was taken to the Richmond University Medical Center, where he got pronounced dead by the doctors.

The neighbors who were there at the time of the incident said,

“Nick’s neck was gushing,” the man said. “There was a lot of blood ... I kind of expected something like that from (the suspect). It’s crazy, bro.”

Another neighbor informed that Nicholas lived there with his two children and his girlfriend. And the suspect also lived in the same block and had a history of Mental Health Issues.

He said, “I was cleaning up the blood, and I was like, ‘Nick, I’m so sorry this happened to you,’” he recalled. “The girlfriend broke down, and she was crying ... He took the kids in, and when he came back out, the guys was sitting there waiting for him.”

The suspect got arrested an hour after murdering the ex-cop. While taken into custody, the suspect started making excuses. The police have also informed that he has been charged with a prior misdemeanor assault and had seven prior arrests.

The victim and the Suspect had no history of fights and arguments. Wilson is known as the troubled individual who causes the trouble on the block, said NYPD chief James Essig after talking to the neighbors.

Wilson’s previous crime includes leaving a man unconscious after robbing him of two cell phones on Oct 19. On January 2nd, he assaulted a 53-year-old man on Staten Island.

The victim, Nicholas Nelson, joined the force in 2008 and got dismissed in 2021 due to some incidents. He got into a fight with a woman who carried his child.

In 2019 he got demoted and suspended after assaulting his girlfriend, and later in 2021, he got dismissed after getting into an off-duty drunken driving accident in August 2018.

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