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Court has dismissed Charges against Tracy McCarter

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2nd-Degree Murder Charges against the Upper west side nurse, Tracy McCarter, have been dismissed by a New York Supreme Court judge, tearing down that The District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, has denied the case to go further.

Back in 2020, Tracy McCarter was accused of killing her husband, James Murray, in their Upper West Side Apartment. Tracy said she was protecting herself against domestic abuse, and it was self-defense.
New York Supreme Court Justice Diane Kiesel criticized Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg for refusing to allow the case to move forward.Photo bySteven Hirsch

The NY court judge, Diane Kiesel said, She tossed the case on the unwillingness to proceed by the District Attorney. She stated:

“The Court finds no compelling reason to dismiss the indictment, but for the District Attorney’s unwillingness to proceed,”.

She also said, “It is not in the interest of justice for the Court to engage in a futile and unseemly stand-off with the District Attorney that would waste precious court resources, interfere with other important cases that must be prosecuted in this post-COVID backlog, and cause needless anxiety for the defendant and the family of the deceased.”

After the dismissal of the charges, McCarter stated,

I am innocent. And I am devastated that on March 2, 2020, a man whom I loved lost his life, Dismissing the unjust charge against me can’t give back what I’ve lost, but I am relieved that this nightmare will finally be over, and I am determined to thrive once again.”

Her law team said,

“We are incredibly proud to represent Tracy McCarter, who has fought her case for two and a half years to get to the only just outcome — dismissal. And we are extremely grateful to the community and advocacy groups that fought for Tracy until the end,”.

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