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New graphs help visualize your content's performance(NewsBreak)

Chances are you’ve noticed a lot of updates to the NewsBreak creator portal lately. Our team has been working hard behind the scenes to add enhanced features and analytics in order to provide a deeper understanding of your content’s performance. These improvements can be seen in two main tabs within your portal: Content Insights and Analytics.
See what's trending locally within Content Insights(NewsBreak)

Content Insights

There are now two tabs that live under Content Insights, providing detailed data based on whether your content is viewed within the NewsBreak app or via a web browser (mobile or desktop).

In-app Content Insights highlights stories that users of the NewsBreak app are clicking on most from all sources, not just creator content. Within this section, you’ll also find local trending content in a variety of specific categories including business, education, lifestyle, and more. Under Web Content Insights, you’ll find top stories from our creators that are being shared on the web, as well as stories that are being found via web search.

We hope these enhanced insights help demonstrate what content is catching the eye of NewsBreak users. That being said, it’s important to not simply recreate top-performing or trending content. Instead, you should use this information as inspiration to share original, never-before-seen stories to maximize your reach and impact.


The first thing you’ll probably notice within the Analytics tab is a line graph that helps showcase important stats like impressions, views, and shares over the past four months or 30 days. You can toggle between both the date range and different views by clicking on the header. Not only that, the graph for views is further customizable by checking the boxes of the source of traffic you’d like to see. As RPM is determined by many factors including in-app views and engagement, SEO views, web views, and shares, we believe it’s important to provide a detailed look at what may be influencing your content’s performance.

Down below, you can see an overview of each story’s unique stats and can click into a headline to see how it performed within the app, on the web, and where your viewers came from. A similar summary is also available within the Manage Content tab by clicking on the “Analytics” button under your article’s headline.
Find more detailed stats for each article under Analytics(NewsBreak)

Finally, you can still see important information about your audience’s location, as well as other local accounts your viewers follow down below.

All of this combined provides a remarkable overview of both what’s performing well for individual creators, as well as the behavior of NewsBreak users as a whole. We hope these updates help our creators produce amazing content their audiences love while continuing to expand each story’s reach and visibility.

About the Creator Program: Our Creator Program brings together professional journalists, experts, and high-quality content creators to deliver relevant, local, and original content. NewsBreak creators cover everything from in-depth investigative features to timely events happening around town. Find out more and apply at

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