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Meet Greta Nunez, Milwaukee native and NewsBreak's Contributor of the Week!

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Greta Nunez grew up in Milwaukee and writes about legal issues and Wisconsin news.Photo byCourtesy of Greta Nunez

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, contributor Greta Nunez has a knack for taking complicated topics and making them accessible for the average reader.

Greta, who’s originally from Milwaukee, has deep-rooted ties to the city, which is why she’s so passionate about informing her fellow community members on court updates and other happenings around town.

”It's an amazing city with so much to offer - both in terms of news and culture. I feel incredibly lucky to call it home,” Greta told NewsBreak.

She recently wrote about Milwaukee’s “HOPE Kits” initiative, which is aimed at combating drug overdoses. According to her story, the kits contain life-saving materials and community resources, including Narcan nasal spray, a CPR face shield, fentanyl test strips, and resource information cards.

"Instead of simply reporting on the contents of the kits, I delved deeper to uncover how these kits were truly helping individuals in need," Greta said. "I learned about the tangible ways in which communities can come together to fight a widespread problem."

She also recently wrote about the Milwaukee Public Museum closing its doors in 2026 and moving to a new location.

"It was a story that really struck a chord with me because I grew up visiting that museum and it holds a special place in my heart," Greta said. "I found that a lot of people in the community are really upset about it moving to a new, smaller location."

Still, she wanted to find a way to highlight the community's disappointment about the museum relocating, while emphasizing what the new location would offer.

"That's when I learned about the free virtual tours the museum is offering, and how this would make it more accessible to people who weren't able to visit in person. I loved being able to share that with readers and give them something to look forward to," Greta said. "By pointing out that the museum would now be available to people who may have never been able to visit — due to mobility or financial issues or even some mental health reasons — through free virtual tours, I was able to spin this story in a positive light."

Greta's biggest advice to fellow NewsBreak contributors is to never stop learning or probing the different angles of a story.

"Along with learning about a topic- learn about your readers too. Remember that you are not just writing for yourself. You are writing for an audience, and you need to understand their interests, preferences, and habits if you want to engage and inspire them," Greta said. "Doing research on your readers and responding to their comments is just as important as doing research on your topic."

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