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At NewsBreak our mission is to connect and empower local users, contributors and businesses. Some of you have mentioned seeing changes in your earnings, this might be due to a couple factors, some new and some old that are worth restating.

We value local content from local contributors. Local content means it is coming from people who live in and have a deep knowledge of the area they are writing or producing videos about. We want to provide local users with the most relevant and accurate information for their community from people in their community, and also support original content. This means that while you can publish national content or outside your listed profile location, you will see a decrease in rate for this content. While travel content across the U.S. is perfectly fine to publish on NewsBreak, these stories are not considered local content because they appeal to a wide range of users.

Beyond our recommendation for writing and producing original, local content, we are not promoting any specific categories at this time. We encourage you to find your local niche and develop your local audience by using our analytics tab and checking things such as followers, shares, audience location, etc.

We do continue to recommend that contributors stay away from:

  • News rewrites (this includes crime, COVID-19, weather and political stories that just rework information from other publications, especially when the story already exists on our app)
  • Listicles with little value or original content and other clickbait-type content (the app works to filter this type of sensational content, so it might not be distributed properly)

If you have specific questions about categorization or monetization for a specific post, please reach out to our support email (links and screenshots are always recommended). We will not be able to address monetization questions within our Circle community. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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