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In case you haven't noticed, your phone has the NewsBreak App installed. NewsBreak is the nation's leading local news app and your best source for everything else local, such as events, attractions, deals, and more.

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But before you dive in, make sure to update your NewsBreak app to the latest version. This will allow you to:

Get Real-Time Local Alerts

You'll be in total control of how, when and what to get notified about so you never miss the most important local news and events.

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Discover NewsBreak Original Content

Explore local perspectives and original stories you won’t find anywhere else, from independent voices in your community.

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Personalize Your NewsBreak Experience

Prioritize the news categories that are most important to you. No more scrolling through cluttered feeds.

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Local Job Opportunities

Find the best local jobs that may not be posted to major job sites.

Local Safety Map

Our Local Safety Map is your best resource for staying safe and informed about your community.

Local Contributors

Aspiring local writers and trending contributors are waiting to be discovered in every community. NewsBreak helps you find them.

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NewsBreak helps you live a safer, more vibrant and truly connected life. We hope to see you soon!

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NewsBreak is a smart local news and content platform, delivering high-impact local content to create safe, vibrant, and connected communities. At NewsBreak, we are dedicated to connecting people with local news, stories, content, and information that matter the most to them.

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