Abu Zahid Jakaria Partho : Covid 19 Impact on Bangladeshi People

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The Corona epidemic has brought stagnation to the lives of ordinary people. The restlessness, quickness, enthusiasm, joy that was in the life of the people has slowed down. The sympathetic attitude that people have, the spirit that was in the relationship-the wall in the middle of that relationship. It has brought huge changes in people's lives. Humans are social creatures. Coronavirus has hampered social life. People have to depend on each other for their daily needs and livelihood. But the Corona epidemic has discriminated against people.

Most of the people in the country belong to lower and lower middle class families. Low-income people make a living through various small jobs. Due to the Corona epidemic, many businesses and educational institutions were closed to ensure the health of the people. Many ordinary working people have lost their jobs and been forced to sit on the road. Many have become unemployed. Suffering has descended on their families. Poverty is on the rise due to financial crisis. The country's education system has been hit the hardest by the Corona epidemic. Due to the closure of educational institutions for a long time, various anti-social activities including illiteracy and immoral activities have taken place among the students. As all the universities of the country have been closed for a long time, stagnation has come down in higher education. Most of the students in the public universities of the country come from remote villages. Some of them do tuition, some of them work part time to raise tuition fees.

Musician & social activist Abu Zahid Jakaria ParthoAbu Zahid Jakaria Partho

Students are suffering financially as they are living at home for a long time due to corona and their studies are being severely damaged. Although the government provides online education to students, students from lower-middle class families are unable to attend online classes due to laptops and expensive internet. Again school-college children are becoming addicted to excessive online use. Many are involved in various types of cybercrime. This is increasing social degradation.

Corona's influence in the social sphere is widespread. Shaking hands, hugging etc. are part of our culture. But people are now refraining from hugging or shaking hands for fear of being infected with the coronavirus. In fact, our society and reality have succumbed to an invisible force. All in all, the epidemic has made our lives more complicated. Yet we are optimistic, we will win the Corona War and form a new social life. In a tax-free society, normal life will start anew, this is our wish.

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