Hulk Hogan,70, said he never saw Ric Flair,74, in 30 years drinking water.

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Hulk Hogan recently spilled the beans on This Past Weekend on some of Flair's peculiar habits during their 30 years of friendship, revealing a unique approach to hydration that had us all raising an eyebrow.
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According to Hogan, Flair's daily beverage regimen used to be, well, rather unconventional.

Forget about water – this legend of the ring apparently skipped the H2O altogether. Instead, his mornings started with a hearty dose of hard liquor, coupled with some vitamins, all washed down with more of the strong stuff. Lunchtime? A couple of beers, naturally accompanied by yet more hard liquor.

You'd think it was all part of his wrestling persona, but Hogan insists he never saw Flair sip a drop of water – until recently.

But the most remarkable tale comes from a time when Flair was faced with a life-threatening health issue and underwent surgery with just a 5% chance of survival.

The minute he regained consciousness, the first words out of his mouth were, "Hogan, get me a six-pack."

Now, that's what we call commitment to one's brand, in this case, the party-loving "Nature Boy."

Despite his affinity for adult beverages, Hogan emphasizes that Ric Flair is, in fact, a good guy.

During their tour to Australia, following in the wake of pop sensation Britney Spears, things took a bizarre turn. When Britney's concert ruffled some feathers, and the audience flew the coop, it left the wrestling duo to pick up the pieces – or rather, pick up the fans.

Flair, being the loyal sidekick he is, even wrestled Hogan, night after night, and would cheekily ask for five grand as if it were a casual favor.

Hogan eventually put his foot down and questioned the generosity, only to find Flair downstairs in the bar, playing the benevolent host, buying drinks for all and picking up the tab for everything.

The lesson here? Even legendary wrestlers have their quirks and a sense of humor, and that's what makes the world of professional wrestling truly unique. Ric Flair, the "Nature Boy," might not be chugging water, but he's certainly making waves – and keeping the party alive.

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