Kennedy Contemplates Independent Run Amid DNC Unfair Treatment

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Democratic contender Kennedy accuses the DNC of favoritism and considers an independent run if things don't change. The 2024 race gets more interesting.
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Kennedy, an aspiring nominee for the Democratic ticket, has claimed that he could beat President Biden if given a fair fight. He argues that the DNC has not maintained its neutrality, citing Biden's campaign running out of the party office as a potential conflict of interest.

"I can get the nomination if they give me a fair fight,"

Kennedy declared in This Past Weekend emphasizing that the party should act as a neutral referee in the electoral process. He likened the situation to a football game where the referee wears the same uniform as one of the competing teams.

One of Kennedy's major grievances revolves around the allocation of delegates. He alleges that states that voted strongly against Biden in the last election have been declared off-limits for him, making any votes he receives in those states irrelevant to the nomination.

This practice, Kennedy claims, undermines the democratic principles the party is supposed to uphold.

Furthermore, Kennedy points out that the DNC has significant financial ties to major donors, including Blackrock, State Street, Vanguard, and pharmaceutical companies like Monsanto. He contends that this massive financial backing creates a significant bias against outsiders like him, as these donors are reluctant to support candidates who may disrupt their business interests.

Kennedy is not the first Democrat to accuse the DNC of manipulating the primary process. He cited Bernie Sanders, who sued the DNC in the past for alleged favoritism but ultimately lost the case, as the court deemed the DNC a private club with the authority to set its own rules.

Kennedy is left with limited options. He is in the race with hopes that President Biden may step down, which would open a clearer path to the nomination.

However, if that does not happen, he suggests he may consider running outside of the Democratic Party, highlighting the need for fair competition and a level playing field.

Despite the challenges and controversies surrounding Kennedy's campaign, he remains steadfast in his belief that doing the right thing will ultimately lead to success. He says,

"If God wants me to win, I will win."

The drama surrounding Kennedy's accusations and potential independent run adds an intriguing layer to the Democratic race, as the party grapples with allegations of unfair practices and the possibility of an internal rift. As Kennedy continues to challenge the status quo, the 2024 Democratic primary promises to be a dynamic and closely watched contest.

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