How to Style Oak Laminate Flooring

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An oak laminate floor is a gorgeous addition to any room, but we all get a bit lost when trying to style it. Is there a tight set of rules or no rules whatsoever to styling your flooring? The real answer is neither. You can do whatever you like to your room to make it feel like yours - interior design rules are made to be broken, after all – but if you want some tips to get you started, look no further than our guide to styling your living space.

Learn colour theory

No one here is going to tell you that you need to match your oak laminate flooring to the rest of the wood furniture in any given room. In fact, a mix of a lot of shades gives your room some depth and enough interesting places for your eye to lay, but as a beginner's rule, you might want to note the undertone of your flooring. This is a jumping-off point for finding a complimentary colour palette for the room.

Wood often has hints of red, orange, yellow, grey, or brown in its finish, and you can use that to find wooden furniture that suits it without exactly matching it and designing the colour palette of the room.

Basic colour theory comes into play here: match the undertone colour with its opposite colour on the colour wheel. So, for instance, if you have orange undertones in your flooring, you can look at adding some blue to your room. If you’re dreaming of a green room, choose laminate flooring with red undertones.

Add some soft furnishings

The great thing about oak laminate flooring is that it really makes the rest of the room pop. So, your first move should be to get some soft furnishings. A rug will really add some warmth to the room, both in terms of temperature and just cosy vibes, and the neutral colour of the oak flooring will really make it stand out.

But why stop there? Consider an ottoman or pouffe to soften the room and add a pop of colour. You can even invest in a sofa with a colour that makes more of a statement, and it won’t clash with the oak flooring.

Parquet flooring

The easiest way to jazz up your oak laminate flooring is with parquet flooring. This simply means you can lay it in a pattern, and there are more patterns than you might think! It’s a great solution if you want something different but not too different.

The most common idea is the wood strip pattern, which is laying your pieces in strips that don’t line up, or every second or third strip lines up. For something more stylish, you can go for herringbone, which, as the name suggests, looks like a fishbone with all the elements laid diagonally away from a line.

Additionally, checkerboard, basketweave, or mosaic options are common and go nicely in a kitchen or dining room.

Laminate on walls

We’ve not gone crazy. Wandering through some of the most modern celebrity homes or browsing articles about them at least, you’ll see a lot of panel walls and panel ceilings. Wood panels are used as a less obnoxious accent wall, and it’s spreading to the internet. A quick scroll through DIY reels on Instagram or TikTok will show you people nailing panels to a wall in their hallway or bathroom for a natural finish.

We ask, why bother with all that nailing? With laminate flooring that clicks into place, you would only need enough nails to fix the entire panel to the wall. Fill a wall with parquet flooring or use leftover elements to give a corner of the room a natural pop.

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