Fox News Host Calls for Possible U.S. Invasion of Canada

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In an interview with a college professor Thursday, one Fox News host appeared to make a call for a possible invasion or military intervention in Canada by the United States, as he stated that he believed the U.S. should "liberate" Canada from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson, speaking on "Tucker Carlson Today," was interviewing Hillsdale College professor David Azerrad, who is Canadian, about the country and its politics, describing Trudeau's government as "authoritarian" and referencing the 2022 trucker protests in the country.

Carlson then transitioned, suggesting that the U.S. send an "armed force" north into the country to try and "liberate" them, adding that he believed it would be a more worthwhile situation for U.S. involvement than Ukraine.

“I’m completely in favor of a Bay of Pigs operation to liberate that country,” Carlson said. “Why should we stand back and let our biggest trading partner, the country with which we share the longest border — and actually, I’ll just say, a great country, I love Canada, I’ve always loved Canada because of its natural beauty — why should we let it become Cuba?”

“Why don’t we liberate it?” Carlson asked. “We’re spending all this money to liberate Ukraine from the Russians, why are we not sending an armed force north to liberate Canada from Trudeau?”

Carlson ended his remarks by saying "I mean it," but then appeared to back away from the comments, saying while laughing, "I'm talking myself into a frenzy here!"

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