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Congress Releases Explosive Report on Coverup by NFL

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Another scandal has hit the National Football League as Congress has released a report on the league and its Washington Commanders football team, saying the team covered up "decades of sexual misconduct," according to BBC News.

The findings were part of a 79-page report released as part of an investigation by the United States House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Reform.

One finding of the report is that Dan Snyder, the current owner of the Commanders, "permitted and participated in the workplace misconduct" and "engaged in tactics used to intimidate, surveil and pay off victims."

Rep. Carolyn Maloney, a Democrat from New York who chairs the committee, says that the findings "show how one of the most powerful organizations in America, the NFL, mishandled pervasive sexual harassment and misconduct."

Allegations against the team first came to light in 2020 in the Washington Post. A review by the NFL, carried out by an independent counsel named Beth Wilkinson, following the reports led to the Commanders being fined $10 million by the NFL.

This new report does not just implicate the Commanders and Snyder, however, as it says the league was aware of "Snyder's interference with the Wilkinson investigation but failed to take adequate action to prevent it."

Snyder has been looking to sell the team.

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