There are doubts over the China produced Sinopharm vaccine

Doubts have arisen around the efficacy of China's Sinopharm vaccine after Bahrain began recommending over-50s with comorbidities get a booster of Pfizer-BioNTech six months after their second Sinopharm shot, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Sinopharm vaccine works by teaching our immune systems how to attack the coronavirus using inactivated viruses which can't replicate, according to the New York Times.RUNDOWN SHOWS:1. Body releases coronavirus particles2. Coronavirus particle made inactive3. Inactivated coronavirus enters human antigen-presenting cell4. T cell attaches to antigen-presenting cell and proliferates5. B cell produces antibodies which attach to live virus6. Human exposed to active virus7. Humans passing on COVID-198. Coronavirus variants #newyork

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