Does KFC Really Do Free Refills of Buckets of Chicken?

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If you're on social media, you may have heard the rumor about KFC doing free refills on buckets of chicken, one of their famous menu items. I am not a fan of KFC, but I'm not going to discourage you from testing out this hack - or encourage either, as eating fast food is unhealthy. Having said that, I was curious to see whether this rumor was true or not.

There were several TikTok personalities who gave this hack a try. One of them popped up on my "for you" page: Allen Ferrel, although the original poster was Jordan_the_Stallion8. Note: this isn't sponsored or affiliated, and it's completely up to you if you'd like to click on the link and check out this creator.

Allen filmed himself going to KFC, buying a bucket of chicken, and then asking the KFC employee for a refill. And he got it! Apparently, if you don't leave the store, consume the entire bucket while inside, and stay in the line to ask for a free refill, and it's been less than 60 minutes since the original order, you get a refill free of charge. Or some folks thought so.

However, Twitter's official KFC account posted a tweet saying this was a rumor and they don't actually offer this promotion. Why was Allen successful in getting a refill for free?

I checked out other videos on TikTok, for example, this one. The fast food chain workers said they don't do free refills. And then, in the comment section, some folks said that it depends on the location: some KFCs may give you free chicken, while others would decline. It could depend on the manager and how greedy they are. And then some simply said the workers are unaware of this policy and you should be more persistent. Some Canadians also said the free bucket hack worked for them in Canada.

So, can we conclude that some of us might be fortunate enough to get free refills on crispy chicken? I think so. I will probably not test this myself, as I'm not a fan of KFC. But if I happen to visit one with friends, maybe I would ask the cashier about the policy before ordering.

It's important to note that since KFC's official account manager tweeted about free refills being a myth, there is a good chance they will distribute this memo to all their locations, meaning they will all get on the same page and stop giving away chicken like that.

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