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How to Save $1 Per Each NYC Transit Ride and Pay $1.75 Instead of $2.75?

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Living in large cities can be costly, and New York is no exception. The median rent for a 1-bedroom apartment is $3,387, and according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, food prices increased by 9.9% in 2022. Costs aren't decreasing, and some may increase even further in the future.

Many people I know, in the U.S. and outside the country, are doing all they can to save on costs. It doesn't mean all you have to eat is beans and pasta, but practising smart savings sounds like a good plan. Certain expenses, such as public transit, are fixed and don't decrease, such as public transit... Or does it?

There is a way to save on transportation and pay $1 less for each subway or bus ride. Let me show you how.

Disclaimer: This article mentions a particular app. The author isn't affiliated with this company and doesn't profit from this in any way. No affiliation links are available below.

The Secret Discount

Most rides on the NYC subway or buses cost $2.75. It can add up quickly. This is why some commuters resort to using a phone application called CashApp. It's an app that allows you to save money on certain services and purchases, including the MTA.

As you install and log into the app, you can search for the MTA booster that looks like this:

Photo byScreenshot taken by the author using the CashApp

According to the app, you can use this boost every 6 hours. Before you're about to get on the train or bus, add the boost - and it will save you $1 off your trip. The next time you're about to board a train, you can do so again if it's been more than 6 hours. Those who travel to school and work can usually take advantage of the boost at least twice a day.

Currently, this offer is available until and including May 2023, but it may get extended. Commuting at least ten times a week for work or school and maybe five more times during the weekend will help you save $15 weekly or $60 monthly. It adds up since you can save $720 per year this way.

I'm not promoting CashApp, but you may want to try it if you'd like. You can ask around, and maybe you have a friend who can offer feedback from their experience. It may not be extremely convenient to pull out your phone and tap the "Boost" option every single time, but hey! If I can save $60 per month, I'm fine spending an extra 30 seconds daily.

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