How Many Hispanic People are There in the United States?

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Hispanic American Heritage Month is upon us. It officially starts on September 15th and goes on till October 15th. This is an important time when we celebrate the Hispanic culture and learn more about it, especially about the United States of America.

Have you ever wondered how many Hispanic people are in the US? Would you say it's in millions or dozens of million? What if it's closer to a hundred million? Let's not guess but look at the facts instead.

Show Me the Numbers!

The answer is short: there are a total of 62.1 million people of Hispanic origin in the United States. Most of them reside in the eastern and northern states, but this map shows a significant number of Hispanic people in every state.

It's important to note a rapid increase in the Hispanic population over the decades. Here's what the numbers look like:

1970 - there were only 9.6 million

1980 - 14.5 million

1990 - 22.4 million

2000 - 35.3 million

2010 - 50.5 million

And as of 2020 - 62.1 million people.

We will likely see a new population census soon, and there is a good chance the number of Hispanic residents in the US will increase again by 2030.


It's evident that more and more Hispanic folks live in the United States each year. They bring a lot of culture, knowledge, experience, hard work and positive attitude to the country. Everyone sees this increase in population differently, but I believe we must know how fast the Hispanic population is growing.

The American population counts 335.4 million people, which means that individuals of Hispanic origin represent 18.5% of the entire population.

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