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10 New Parks to Be Renovated in New York City Thanks to the Community Parks Initiative

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Sue Donoghue, New York City Parks Commissioner, recently announced that ten more parks would be renovated across the city. NYC has a parks equity initiative called Community Parks Initiative (CPI), which is responsible for improving the lives of residents, especially little New Yorkers who enjoy upgraded parks and playgrounds.

The commissioner believes that 500,000 residents' lives were changed for the best thanks to these initiatives, such as Bartlett Playground in Williamsburg. CPI's goal is to build new parks, upgrade and improve existing ones and bring the community together. It's important to note that they also focus on making the city more environmentally friendly by planting more trees and greenery in the current locations.

What are the Parks that Get a Makeover?

You're not correct if you expect only the upper-class areas to get these upgrades; all areas of NYC will be seeing new and improved parks. While two parks in Manhattan are a part of the renovation plan, most of them are located elsewhere. Here is a list of the parks targeted in this project:

Bronx: Dawson Playground, Jennie Jerome Playground and Zimmerman Playground.

Brooklyn: St. Andrew’s Playground, Pena Herrera Playground and Rolph Henry Playground.

Manhattan: Renaissance Playground and St. Nicholas Playground South.

Queens: Frank O’Connor Playground.

Staten Island: Lt. Lia Playground.


The CPI organization has more plans when it comes to making NYC a more enjoyable place by improving the local parks. You can check out their map of recent and future park improvements, as well as neighborhood development plans (not sponsored or affiliated).

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