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Do you ever wonder whether your favorite chain restaurants have secret menu items? Starbucks fans are notorious for asking baristas to make unique beverages, and the Internet is full of articles about Starbucks' secret drinks you must try. In-and-Out has a secret menu, too, with animal-style fries being a popular item. But what about Cracker Barrel?

It turns out they have a secret menu too, and also some secrets you may find useful. Here are a few things you need to know about Cracker Barrel.

The Secret Menu Items (and a Few More Secrets)

Quora users shared the following secrets about the restaurant's secret breakfast menu:

1. There is an item called Grandma’s Sampler that includes pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, hash brown casserole and fried apples. You get smaller portions of everything because the idea behind this is for you to sample all this food.

2. When you order the Country Boy Breakfast, you get unlimited hash brown casserole. This isn't specified on the menu, but if you ask the servers for more casserole, they won't charge you extra.

3. When you order any of the Traditional Favorites Meals, it comes with unlimited biscuits, grits and gravy. Once again, the menu doesn't specify this, but you can ask your server, and they will confirm that's the case. Unlimited food for everyone!

4. When you order a meal, you usually get unlimited free bread and biscuits too.

5. If you ask for a signature coffee drink, you should get free refills of the regular coffee drink. But you must confirm this with your server as the policy may have changed.

6. Although milkshakes aren't on the menu, the kitchen will make them for you if you ask. This is what a milkshake called Frozen Mug Sundae looks like, and if you ask me, it should be delicious.

7. Speaking about milkshakes, Cracker Barrel has a secret signature milkshake called - you guessed it - Crackel Barrel milkshake. Not a very original name, but it's topped with vanilla ice cream and grated chocolate. Who cares about the name as long as the shake tastes good?


There are 667 Cracker Barrel locations in the United States, and each restaurant offers a variety of foods and beverages. Even without the secret menu, you have a great selection of dishes; but ordering a hidden item makes life a little bit more exciting.

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