Does Sephora Sell Vibrators Now?

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Disclaimer: This article focuses on online shopping and marketing practices, but doesn't intend to reference any sex-related items, acts, poses, or anything about intimacy. It doesn't promote or advertize sexual pleasures and is in line with Newsbreak's guidelines. But please exercise caution as it may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Sephora has been a well-known beauty retailer for many years. With 2,700 stores worldwide, it's a leader in the make-up, skincare and wellness industries in many countries - 35 of them to be exact.

This company sells various products, and many men and women, myself included, shop there frequently. I place at least two Sephora orders annually, and features like a free birthday gift entice me to spend money on their website. Who turns down a free make-up set? No one, obviously.

But as I checked Sephora's website the other day, I realized they don't only sell make-up and other beauty items; they have definitely widened their reach.

Welcome to Vibratorland

I visited Sephora's site and saw something I have never seen before: they added a very special line under the "Tools & Brushes" section:
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Vibrators and devices! What kind of so-called devices can you find there? This article doesn't promote Sephora, nor does it associate with the company; plus, I don't want to promote 18+ content. If you are of legal age, you are welcome to check Sephora's site on your own and indulge in reviewing what the company has to offer.

But the long story short: you can certainly see some questionable items under this section, and they may fall under the "vibrators" category.

Should Sephora Do This?

I'm conflicted when it comes to the ethical element of this topic. On the one hand, a beauty company doesn't specialize in such merchandise. But on the other hand, don't vibrators and other devices make us happier and healthier? It's a matter of sexual health, which is a part of overall health.

You see, the beauty industry doesn't just sell powder and mascara; it sells health items. As far as I'm concerned, vibrators classify as health products.


I'm not planning to purchase vibrators from Sephora yet, but it's good to know they are available there. After all, some frequent shoppers have beauty plans and credit card points for Sephora. I bet they would be ecstatic - quite literally - to spend those on very special devices.

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