What are the Abortion Laws in My State? The Roadmap.

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Ever since Roe v. Wade was overturned, many women have been unsure about the new abortion laws. Am I allowed to have an abortion in my state? What are the exceptions? Should I travel to another state? While the information changes every day thanks to new developments, some sources are critical in figuring out the current laws and human rights.

Here is a helpful roadmap to the abortion laws in every state. IMPORTANT! Please check the article and the news, as changes are implemented every day.

The Roadmap

New York Times prepared a very helpful table that shows how severe the ban is (not sponsored or affiliated).

All you need to proceed to that page and locate your state by scrolling down the list or using Ctrl+F and typing the state name. For example, eight states have imposed a total ban so far. Some hope their decisions might be challenged, but the outcome is questionable.

Another Useful Resource

One more roadmap is available here. Politico created a source of its own showing what states still allow abortions and which ones have imposed certain - if not severe - restrictions. Similarly to the resource above, please ensure you check the table and confirm no information has changed. Again, everything changes very rapidly.


It's unclear what the abortion laws would look like tomorrow. It's impressive that we can check the news and figure out the laws in our homes. But the truth is, it's also frustrating.

It almost feels like the country is fighting for two different things. Wait! It is. And some of us want it to stop.

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