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Where is the Largest LGBTQ+ Parade in the Country?

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June is the Pride Month, and it's been this way since 2000, thanks to former president Bill Clinton. Thousands and even millions of people worldwide celebrate love and the rights of sex minorities being recognized and respected.

But have you ever wondered where is the largest Prime Parade in the United States takes place? In Europe, it's the Madrid Pride in Madrid. The Taiwan Pride represents the biggest parade in Asia and occurs - you guessed it - it Taipei. But what about the US?

Pride Parades Happen Throughout the Country

Lots of Americans love celebrating the Pride Parade, and most major cities do so every year. Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Washington, Philadelphia, Denver, Minneapolis, Columbus, Denver - and many others proudly host this event yearly.

It's important to note that the parades don't take place on one particular date. On the contrary, each city has the Pride Parade on a different day. Why? Well, probably to allow Americans to party the entire month! Or maybe it's because some folks may wish to attend more than one parade and feel the energy of several cities in June, and hosting this event on different dates allows them to travel from one place to another.

Either way, the United States might be considered the epicentre of recognizing LGBTQ+ rights in the entire world, and having dozens of parades in various cities every June is very symbolic - not to mention, amazing.

So, Where Does the Largest Pride Parade Take Place?

The biggest Pride Parade in America happens in New York City. And it doesn't happen once in June - in fact, the entire month is full of celebration of LGBTQ+ pride. A total of 50+ events are spread out throughout 30 days.

One of the goals of the NYC Parade is to commemorate the Stonewall Riots of 1969: the beginning of the modern Gay Rights movement. The very first ever Pride Parade happened in 1970, a year after the riots, and it has been carrying a historical importance to New Yorkers eversice. The 2022 Pride Parade will occur on June 26th, making it a 52nd year since the very first parade took place in NYC.

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