What is the "Gayest" City in the United States?

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We celebrate June as Pride Month because we are proud of all the people regardless of their sexual orientation. We also celebrate the freedom of love and the ability to love anyone we want. Pride is a big deal.

But have you ever wondered which city is the "gayest"? While that term may sound harsh, all it refers to is what city in the United States happens to have more LGBTQ+ individuals compared to all the other areas.

Is it New York? Or Los Angeles? Or maybe New Orleans? The truth is, there are a ton of different research materials that are easily accessible online, so you can't be surprised that someone decided to calculate which city is the "gayest" one in America.

The Results

As per the study results, the "gayest" city in the country is San Fransisco, with 6.2% of the population identifying as members of LGBTQ+. I can't be surprised that the "gayest" city in the US is one of the most liberal states.

The second place went to Provincetown, Massachusetts. Palm Springs, California, took the third spot. Fort Lauderdale, Florida and NYC, New York were the fourth and fifth place accordingly.

What? Are you saying that New York is only the fifth place? Unbelievable! And yet, the city is still home to one of the world's best Pride parades in the world.


Does it matter which American city has more LGBTQ+ people than others? Not exactly. And yet, it was interesting to find out that San Fransisco is the leader in this regard. Maybe some individuals chose to move there for this exact reason.

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