How Many Americans are Gay?

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June is the Prime Month, and it became that back in 2000. On June 2, 2000, President Bill Clinton issued a Presidential Proclamation that designated June the “Gay and Lesbian Pride Month.” We don't refer to it that way anymore since "Pride Month" sounds much better. But what's also important is this definition evolved since 2000: now we don't only recognize people who are gay and lesbian, but many others: bisexual, transgender, queer, two-spirited, and others. June is no longer a "gay month," but the time we take PRIDE in recognizing people's rights to their sexual orientation.

But have you ever wondered how many LGBTQ+ individuals reside in the United States? Is it 1% of the population? Or maybe 3, 5 or even 10%? Let's find out.

What Does the Research Say?

Back in April 2011, 10 years ago, UCLA found that 3.5% identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual; and 0.3% identify as transgender. That was 9 million people combined.

But the new government data reports that as of December 2021, a total of 20 million Americans identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community. Considering that the current US population is 332.8 million people, it means that 6% of all Americans identify as gay.

Does it mean more and more people discover they are gay every year? I don't believe that's the case. I would say people become more open and honest with others, and they feel less scared to open up or "come out" to their friends and family.


According to the latest reports, a whopping 6% of the American population are gay, lesbian, transgender, or have another sexual orientation that's part of the LGBTQ+ definition. Will this number change in the next few years? Quite possibly, but this is what the sexual orientation makeup looks like today.

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