Amber Heard's $3.2 Million Legal Bill Might Be Covered by Insurance, and She May Not Have to Pay at All

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Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's trial has made a lot of noise in the media in recent weeks. The verdict was finally made on June 1, 2022: the jury awarded Johnny $15 million (which will be reduced to $10.35 million as per the state law), and Amber got $2 million. Therefore, even if we subtract the $2 million Amber won, she still owes a huge amount of money to her ex-husband.

But what about their legal bills? How significant are those, and who's paying them? I was surprised to find out that Amber Heard's attorney fees have been reportedly covered by her homeowner's insurance. Let's unpack that.

Depp's and Heard's Legal Fees

First of all, how much have both actors been charged in legal fees? This information wasn't made public yet. However, legal experts weighed in on what the amount may have been.

They estimated that Johnny Depp's legal costs could be as high as $5.5 million while Heard's legal bill could potentially be $3 million, plus $200k in expert fees. It's important to know these are only estimates and not the official figures; if this information is officially released at some point, the amounts may differ.

Amber's Homeowner's Insurance

Once the verdict came in, many viewers dedicated their time to figuring out how much is both actors' net worth. According to Amber Heard's CelebrityNetWorth page, her net worth is estimated at $2.5 million. After the trial ended, the website now lists it at a negative $6 million.

But there was another fact mentioned there which caught my attention:

Legal costs in Virginia trial were covered by homeowners insurance.

Can you believe it? Amber's homeowner's insurance, the coverage many homeowners in America have, allegedly covered her legal bills!

It's unclear what the source of this fact is, which is why I'm saying the fees were covered allegedly, but not definitively. If Amber's insurance paid her attorney fees in full, it would be amazing. Getting that insurance policy was a smart thing to do.


The legal fees aren't the main topic of this trial, but I was still curious about them. By the end of the day, legal costs aren't usually cheap and racking up millions of dollars in fees is mind-boggling. And yet, one of the celebrities may have their expenses covered by insurance. Hallelujah!

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